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Birthdate:Jun 24
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States of America
I'm an average person who lives an average life, but I've known brilliant people and seen some terrible things. I work in the Orange County Jail, better known as "33rd" as a Detention Service Officer. My job is awesome. I sit in an air conditioned room and press buttons that open doors, and occasionally I type something into the Inmate Management Software that runs the place. Ever since I transferred out of the Main Facility and into the Genesis Building (read: minimum custody), I've had next to no responsibility. This has allowed me to live a life relatively free of stress -- but, being human, I find plenty of other things to stress about to make up for it.

I'm an addict. Coffee, television, books, games, a pet project...I pick my addictions (call them obsessions if you will) and chase them feverishly until another one comes along. Needless to say, this has gotten me into some trouble in the past. Sometimes I see myself as two people, and a big part of growing up has been, strangely enough, learning to parent myself. You see, if I left myself to my own desires, I'd be an utterly impulsive nutcase who just did whatever he wants, whenever he wanted. I'd shirk every responsibility I was ever given and party every chance I got -- but fortunately for me, I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.

At twenty-six, life is a series of monotonous routines and patterns that have become spiritually and psychologically taxing. I find myself constantly bouncing from place to place, finding new roommates, finishing off leases (but never signing them -- that's the irresponsible me!), or getting into spectacular fights that send me back to my folks house for a few months to recuperate. I keep telling myself that college is the answer to all of my problems, but if there's one thing I'm good at, it's procrastination.

On that note, I'll write the rest of this tomorrow.
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